Cooper Union ECE; currently principal at MoLabs. Previously co-founder of SleepBot, and first Android engineer at Vine Labs (Twitter Inc.), and Lead for Android at Squarespace. I have over 13 apps (11 Android, 2 iOS) in the stores right now with a few others in development for various companies, with at least two of them have 1M+ downloads. I have also worked on many backend projects (Java, PHP, NodeJS). Occasionally I provide Android training to those who need it. :) ....Favorite language? C (the beauty of efficiency), trying to pick it up again since my OS class.

Aside from my day job, I work on many side projects and believe in many interesting theories. Recently I started building my robot stack code-named "Endroid". 

You can contact me and find more about me using the bottom links or via Github  StackOverflow  CoderWall

Recent blog highlights:

  • Video on Android, DroidCon NYC Presentation (September 2014) 
  • Allocation memory for Android faster (Part 1, Part 2) - (September 2013, April 2014)