Using Parse for as your backend

Parse is a very powerful tool when it comes to Android development. Parse itself is a "back-end" for mobile apps, which allows you to store user information and handle user permissions without writing a single line of server code. 
It also supports and abstract some features in Android that are often very hard to implement:
1. Store and link with Facebook accounts. 
2. Store and link with Tweeter accounts.
3. Push Notifications. 
4. Store locations. 
This makes it a central part of SOLOMO. 

For example, if you were to develop for Facebook:
Facebook has its tutorial at:
That is rather complicated, but if we just use Parse we can store users using the simple Parse Facebook Utils: 

Hello Android.

You will need an IDE to make your life not miserable: (Eclipse/IntelliJ)

Download and install Android SDK: 
Open Android SDK Manager and install the for the most common AND latest SDK:
At the time of writing, we want to make sure that Apps are compatible to Android 2.3.3 for phone apps BUT compile with Jelly Bean for forward compatibility. 

After installing all the appropriate files,