[10/17/08] Life In Cooper Intro

Life:~~~~ Located in the heart of East Villiage, is definately one of the best place to live! Within 5min of walking, you get : Coffee: 3 Starbucks within 2min of walking, which is kinda OD,~ and DDs. Chain-Supermarket: K-mart/Woodsales Chain-Pharmacy stores: 3 DRs, Rite Aid...-  -~too many ..lolz. Office Supplies: Staples, Best Buy (15min walking for this one) Food: 20+Japanese Resturants, Plenty of korean and chinese resturants around; plenty of cheap pizza place, many candle light romatic places, and..yea..we have Gand Sichuan for Hunanese food here! Clothes: Gap, Aldo, Footlocker, etc.. 12min walking to Union Square where they have AEs, BNs, etc...~~ Delivery: USPS, UPS, Fedex all around~~lolz.. Subways:  6(15min to 42nd street for 7, or down to brooklyn bridge passing by China Town,  ), N (Queens Center?) R W Q ~...yea... Schools around: We can use NYU's resources and it is around cooper! CUNY baruch and hunter are very close as well~ Work Load: its really not that much,~idk. ~its being a mystery that people think we get too much work. No, definately managable. However, compare to my fds in other colleges, Cooper is an insane place. ~you really have to work hard to get things done. But you will still have plenty of time to do other things...

Grading and others: HARSH!..  I remember i got a 94 on my chem test, and only three people got higher than me, ...it was considered to be an B...- - ~kinda too hard isnt it ~......And ..English class is the worst, Cs.....lolz.. Other than that, Teachers are really willing to help. All of them have office hours and you can just come by~ and....yea.....they are very helpful~

Atomsphere: People with each other! The stable on other's back havnt happen yet~ its a great place with Geniuses around.!