3/14 of School

Week 3: 1. Work are not getting done. (However, I have just completed 40% of them in the past 3 days...60% left, still a lot) 2. Feelings are getting worse. (Someone simply doesn't care that much) A staying overnight let me see that it won't work and my answer is no to annie's questions... 3. I care even more now... Yea, I do promise that I will be the best one who treat her (not treat her the best? idunno, I'm a good person, I treat everyone well, lolz). I have way too many 'haorenka' for too many people, so I think I should at least getting something back? idunno...at least a little? My relationship life is pathetic. 4. I have decided that I WILL finish bmark.me...and other projects...that needs to be done asap. 5. I will participate(hopefully) in the 2009 ACM contest again!!! ~~  Very excited ~~  Wish I can solve 2+ problems again. Java/C++ this time, I am not sure.....Java handles a lot stuff better due to its newer existence, but C++ is definitely more powerful, faster, and flexible. 6. ZERO for physics Qz.. yea, I did give up that one, I'm sorry, there was no time for it. I will do well afterwards.