Back to the startup world

Though I was not impacted by Twitter's recent house clean (fact: 0 of Vine Engineering was impacted because, I decided it is time for me to get back to the startup world again. 

I joined almost three years ago Vine when there were only 8 people and no heat in the office. I started working on our Android app with Sara not knowing if Vine will even still be here in a year. Here I am with almost 50 people and a 6 person Android team. It’s been a great learning experience some of the best engineers and product I have met. I am really proud to call myself a Viner and feels really fortunate that I got to work with each one of you. I made some of the best friends here. Felix, Ryan G, Sara, Matt, Dman, Ben, and countless others… Vine is and will be one of the greatest entertainment platform in the world! 

I really can't express how much I appreciate the rest of the team, it's been a really great three years. 

I have been exploring different NYC startups for a while now. There are really an increasing number of amazing startups around. I wasn't sure if I wanted to start one myself at first. After much thinking, I think the top priority if I can learn from someone great and keep myself surrounded by amazing people so I can prepare myself a bit more before starting my own. 

I'll be joining a startup called MoLabs as their first engineer. It was the earliest stage one I was exploring and I can see myself learning so much from Jim, who was the CEO of MoPub...and one day found great companies.

Many exciting news to come soon.