So...this summer.........

After two weeks of averaging 3 hours of sleep, Cooper is finally out of the way. Comparing to last semester, I did about the same--which is bad. It was a mere result of lack of attendance to the easiest classes and doing bad in them because I overestimated myself. Anyways, hopefully I will get around 3.0 (all I need is A in signals processing, eh, doesn't sound so possible).

Other than the grades, the past semester went great. I managed to meet a lot new friends, learn a lot, and at the same time accomplish a lot. There is just one thing, however, I need to point out here before making a plan for this summer, is that I got through my grad level programming class: distributed computing, with 3 other seniors who pushed through like I did. It was the reason that I did bad in many of my other classes, but I did really enjoy learning such software engineering topics. It gets me excited. My final project was on Distributed Similar Image Search, it worked (see the picture at the end). Basically what it does is that it performs a search with the search term the user provided (e.g. square) and get the results from various search engines including Google, Bing, and Flickr, then the user can choose an image (or even provide an image in future releases, if I ever decide to come back to it) to match the image with the rest of the set. The system uses Hadoop Map-Reduce framework to distribute the image matching job and the search engine querying job to different mappers and reducers so that the job is performed quickly and efficiently (for those who don't know, Google also uses a similar Map-Reduce system to allow us to search the entire internet and return the results in less than half of a second). The program framework that I wrote can be easily extended and be made into a real reverse image search engine provided that there exists a good image hashing algorithm and a large image database for me. I spent about three weeks on it, starting from writing a original Java algorithm, playing with search engine APIs, and then learning how to deploy it with Apache Tomcat and Hadoop within/out of an Eclipse environment. I really learned a lot.

Ok, before I talk another few hours about that project, let me go straight into the real topic of this post: my plan for this summer.

It is much simpler than past:  (TWO INTERNSHIPS + START MY OWN BUSINESS + FOR REAL)

1. Internship with Tidal Labs. -I will be working there three days a week this summer. I would say that this is an engineering startup that aims to help the marketing departments of big companies and the marketing firms to data mining people off social network. I choose to work for them because see potential from the growing social marketing companies. It is also php and python based, so I can learn more about those two and at the same time learn about how to handle different situations for a startup company.

2.Internship with Indorse Technology. -I will be working there two days a week this summer.

This is the company of my professor who taught me distributed computing this semester. I'm looking forward to learn a lot more with him on both managing business and coding. We will see how it goes this summer.

3.Start my own thing with friends.

Information about this will be released in a future post while we are still discussing our business plan. It will be a huge thing (<--no jokes please lol).

After all, this summer will be very fruitful for me and should make me stay away from getting use to leisure so I would get killed in Fall.

4. If time allows, I will be able to push Bmark.Me to the next stage.

A distributed get image job result:

A sample run on finding similar image for a square picture

A distributed compare image job with efforts to find the ones that are similar to the first one

Looking for Alpha Testers

Hi friends,

After over one year of development, I'm happy to announce that Bookmark Me! has finally graduated from my home sever and it's ready for testing. Here I am inviting all of you, whoever is looking at this post right now, to become a tester for my project. The site still lack AJAX implementations, it's still 'plain text', so please excuse its appearance for now.

To become a tester, simply let me know by any means (fb comment/email/text), and registration forms will be sent to your Inbox within 24 hours.

My email is :


So what is Bmark.Me?

Project "Bookmark Me !" (Http:// was an idea I formed at my 19th birthday, when I got inspired by few of my friends. It finally reached it's alpha stage and will be used by NYU's Chinese Mei Society as one of its marketing device ( It is a link sharing site will have the following features as its top 10:

1. Storing a link and retrieve it with with a customized alias. (Done) 2. Sharing the link with facebook, twitter, etc. (In progress) 3. The owner can track the link's hits and referrers. (In progress) 4. For facebook users, the owner can see specifically who visited this link, and the visitors can choose not to reveal their identity as well. (In progress) 5. Links will be both scanned by anti-virus providers and the community. (In progress) 6. User can add tags, descriptions, and photos to associate the link. Using this feature, we can even suggest you links that you will be interested in!! 7. Users can view top linked sites and top tags by popularity. (Done) 8. Photo search on links. Since photos are tagged on links, one should be able to search using a photo and tag terms to identify which links are associated with the link. (Planned) 9. Private links, the owner can hide and/or password protect individual links.(In Progress) 10. A new business model for ad-clicking sites and marketing firms via new technologies. (Planned)

Why am I doing this while all the other sites are doing a great job?

1. I will offer some functionalities that they don't, for example: facebook tracking and photo searching. 2. When I first had this idea, the only popular site back then was TinyUrl, so this site, if implemented back then, would be a huge success. 3. This is part of my PHP Code portfolio for myself in the future. 4. I learned a lot, and will learn much more through the course of development. The goal is to make this site efficient, able to scale up, and extensible.

Why didn't you use HTTP 301 redirect to make it search engine friendly?

It is search engine friendly, in less efficient but more flexible way. The way I did it is that eventually the user can choose which method they want, either by using 301 or javascript redirect. The reason because of the behavior of the link previews from sites like facebook catches the link only catches whats there without letting the re-director modifying it. By using a javascript redirect in the middle of the page, the re-director can manipulate the information that will catch by facebook. For example, when you do a redirect of some blog you wrote with site like and share it via facebook and you didn't write a summary for the blog, facebook will not catch what your blog says. However, by using you can add pictures for link preview, etc. just to attract viewers. This could potentially evolve into an advertising method for many different purposes.

Why are you taking down the link scanning feature off after a few month?

To be honest, I didn't want to take it off since it is a very unique thing to do. It might be up again.

Right now, I am looking for two people for help,

1. CSS styler and web-page designers. 2. AJAX and Java-script writers.

I will share the honors.

Thanks for reading to the end, Edison

I think I've found a bug or rather a storage eating monster

First of all, happy birthday to myself!

I got a big birthday present today at 0:00 am of my birthday.

What is it? It's a file that is trying to eat all of the remaining storage space on my iPhone!

I found out that it doesn't really matter how much you have left, it will eat them all.

I freak out at the moment when I saw the message on iTunes: "You need an additional 1kb to synch. your iPhone."

[caption id="attachment_160" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="Notice the "Other""][/caption]

The first thing I did was try rebooting the phone, it does solve the problem, but not inherently since it will start eating again.

So what is it that is eating my iPhone?!

A simple unix command came handy here: "find -size +1000000k" while logged in as mobile on mobile terminal or SSH through putty.

"./Library/RYP/logs/rockapp_2010-03-17.log"   size: 5988MB.

What a huge monster!

Hopefully deleting or making an empty file with all permission 444 will help.

[caption id="attachment_161" align="alignnone" width="634" caption="A peek via WinSCP"][/caption]

  • Update 1: Something weird happened, it still reports to me that disk is full after awhile, so now I'm worried that there's something similar to memory leakage or virus going on in my iPhone OS. find commend did not work this time. I tried to remove the log folder.
  • Update 2:  After removing the file, somehow the Media content gets screwed over. At this moment, if you try sync with iTunes, it will/might report not able to read contents and ask you to restore. After doing some research, this issue is fairly easy to solve as well: simply recursively remove the Media folder using: "rm -r /var/mobile/Media" this will make iTunes able to restore your iphone to a backup you've made before. It might take awhile. Also, reboot is required at the end. It works at the end.
  • Is Cooper preparing me for the real world?

    Yes it is.

    Let's look at a job description at Slate:


    Software Engineer with C++ Posted Feb 15
    Medialets, New York, NY (New York City)
    About the Job

    This is a key role in our server engineering team. You'll be building both iterative and substantial revisions to our flagship tracking, reporting, and ad-serving tools and will have an integral role in our engineering organization. You'll have the opportunity to interact with, teach and learn from many experienced developers working on emerging mobile, analytics, data processing, and ad serving platforms.

    We are looking for someone to provide innovative solutions to scale and build rock-solid code for reliable server systems. Our clients expect us to lead and we work hard to deliver reliable and timely information and a phenomenal end user experience.

    Performance analysis and tuning will also be a significant responsibility in your job - with our large transactional volume, every last bit of performance counts. You should be able to step back and look at a problem in different light to identify an approach that improves performance.

    About You

    You studied computer science (or another tech-heavy science/engineering field) in school and can proudly claim that you spent more than your share of late nights bathed in the glow of compiler output.

    You have a track record writing multi-threaded code and experience with synchronous and asynchronous code. Algorithms and data structures are your friends.

    You see problems as opportunities and have what it takes to effectively communicate, brainstorm and collaborate to work through them.

    You're more than comfortable with *nix-based operating systems. ***

    Skills •You pose knowledge and experience in at least 3 different languages (i.e. C++,Java, Ruby). We are a 100% Linux shop though if you have Windows experience we would see this as another way you can show us how you tackle and solve problems with your code. •The software you will be building is server side providing the connective interfaces for mobile devices using our SDKs (e.g. Android, iPhone). Our solution is based on Asynchronous Pooling and you must show your knowledge and experience with having done this to provide highly performant and cost effective systems. ** •The systems behind our server side interfaces are focused on large data processing and aggregation. These systems are fundamentally an event processing solution for automated output based on the data feeds we create through the connective interfaces. •Ultimately we utilize SQL once our event processing is complete. Your knowledge and experience with databases (DDL & DML) are a must. If you have used NoSQL systems before that is great but not a requirement.** •Experience with web application development, although stateful experience is much more interesting to us than stateless.* •Experience with data analytics & BI processing and tools - strong statistical background & interest.** •Big bonus points for experience using scalable data processing tools such as Hadoop.

    •Bigger bonus points for experience with building AI or rule engines or other advanced matching algorithms***

    Join Our Team!!!!

    Here are the keys:
    Bold: I will be prepared for this upon graduation!
    **: I will be prepared through self-learning.
    ***: I will be prepared through time spent at Cooper.
    Oh yea...
    Hahahaha ~~

    Week 4 of School

    Week four of school was nice. Why? Because it is the calm before the storm. Monday, we did the first physics lab, which took Kevin and I a really long time to finish it due to the lighting in the room. The results, as I progress through the report during the weekend, are really bad. The sample was to distinguish 3 different liquids with index of refraction uncertainty within 0.0001, our data came out to be +-0.1, so there is NO WAY that this report can go any further. Then there was the connect workshop, which was surprisingly nice! There was a lot acting and fun in it. The three hour workshop was one of the nicest moments I had in cooper. Well, the down side is that it made me so tired, such that I just went to sleep after I got home.

    And, as usual, I cannot do the physics quiz and the history quiz, just didn't prepare for it due to Monday's tiredness. comes FRIDAY! AC GEAR'S GRAND OPENING!

    Jeffery, Ray, Igor and I went there to see if we can get something......the unfaithful Ray and Igor left after an hour. Not long after they left, Jeffery got a free watch! How nice was I believed that I can get something as well! During my faithful waiting there, I met this girl named Jane, who did attract me on first sight by her openness. And what surprised me was that such a nice girl is actually a NYU Stern student ( you know how it is, usually it is very hard to meet a smart and pretty girl randomly). We chatted, and it was nice...She is a very nice conversationalist. At approx. 9:10 AC Gears announced that they will now give out the last price. I think there is almost no chance that it could be me since there are still about 50 people there with at least 100 tickets! So I said to her, " you know what, I give up,I think it's over, but I think the most valuable thing that happened is that we meet each other." Indeed, the fact that meeting a new nice friend is far more important than winning a $100-ish gift. Well, that's not all, after we said good luck to each other.........the ticket number was announced...and ....IT WAS ME!..that was..holy~~~Yea, I believe you were my good luck that day. Thank you Jane~And thank you Jeffery, for waiting there faithfully.

    Ok, enough of the positive stuff, the weekend was as bad as it can get. Chang went to SBU to meet with Jing, and a lot things happened to Jing. I feel bad for Jing, and angry about that dude, whom I won't say here. What can I say to girls are too gullible, seriously. Some guy giving you something that you think is very touchy does not mean that he doesn't treat other girls that way, right? If he really likes you, he will not treat you right, he will not just say the right things, instead, he will use his heart to prove to you. (too 38, let me stop here..-.-)~~anyways, good luck Jing, I wish you the best with Kevin D, don't get fooled by jerks.

    And what else happened...I decided not to participate in the 2009 ACM programming contest, because of a very simple reason: Lab+DFQ test+PHYSICS test are concurrent at the day after! Sorry to myself.

    3/14 of School

    Week 3: 1. Work are not getting done. (However, I have just completed 40% of them in the past 3 days...60% left, still a lot) 2. Feelings are getting worse. (Someone simply doesn't care that much) A staying overnight let me see that it won't work and my answer is no to annie's questions... 3. I care even more now... Yea, I do promise that I will be the best one who treat her (not treat her the best? idunno, I'm a good person, I treat everyone well, lolz). I have way too many 'haorenka' for too many people, so I think I should at least getting something back? least a little? My relationship life is pathetic. 4. I have decided that I WILL finish other projects...that needs to be done asap. 5. I will participate(hopefully) in the 2009 ACM contest again!!! ~~  Very excited ~~  Wish I can solve 2+ problems again. Java/C++ this time, I am not sure.....Java handles a lot stuff better due to its newer existence, but C++ is definitely more powerful, faster, and flexible. 6. ZERO for physics Qz.. yea, I did give up that one, I'm sorry, there was no time for it. I will do well afterwards.

    School Starts II (week 2 of 14?)

    The first week of school just passed away. As expected, a few things happened: 1. I noticed that I got so lazy over the summer that I keep making myself away from reading assignments. 2. I have too many similar classes even though I am an engineering major, esp. the following six classes Probability (math) Differential Equations (math) Vector Calculus (math) Circuit Analysis (physics) Physics II E&M (physics) Physics Lab I? (physics) and a few other requirements such as English and computer engineering track elective. 3. I'm somehow getting back with my ex? Would it be possible? Do I want to? I keep telling my friends that it will not work, and it has not work, but why am I still thinking about it? We are still good friends, maybe I am treating her too well. Putting the thoughts here, I really wanna make sure that we do not get back together.. Maybe, I just need a new girlfriend,, I'm serious. 4. I sleep too late recently with Dota/Google's Monopoly City streets/Sanguo Sha strategy broad game, etc.. not because of school. 5. I have too many unfinished business: and a few other websites and a few other programs I was writing. 6. It is so late now, I should go to sleep.

    Night, and 'add oil' to myself.

    School Started Part I

    The beach house vacation finally marked  the end of summer. School started yesterday the 8th. Everyone seems to enjoy the New Academic Building, so do I. Even though I worked there over the summer, but it feels much different with a lot people in it. Classrooms are also not as small as they described before summer, they are actually really nice!

    Oh wells, the first day I only had one class---physics recitation with Professor Wolf, the hardest class I took last semester. I don't really know why physics seems so hard last semester (lazzzzzyness prob? ), but this semester definitely seem much harder than I can handle with last semester's method----work harder, and don't sleep in every single semester (yes, for the record, I did sleep in EVERY SINGLE MECHANICS LECTURE and EVERY SECOND HOUR of MECHANICS RECITATION). Also, for the record, I did fall asleep today during the 2nd hour of E&M recitation (ah.. :mrgreen: ) Without a girlfriend, maybe I can use those free time to study better..

    Alright, time to sleep, morning classes tomorrow......

    Recent Life

    Summer has almost reached its end, so it's time to quit the Dota world now. Things did not go well recently, ~Rejection of my student visa marked the end of my "pending" status. ~At the same day, my first relationship has also reached an end (06/24/2008-07/24/2009 approx. 11months) The pessimistic life made me stop on my Bmark site....... and during the past month, a lot...a lot new URL shortening services went into the market with overlapped features with my Bmark.Me. Not only that, today's lifehacker post has even demonstrated how to set up one's own URL shortening service.


    time to get back to the original flavor....

    Garena Host Drop Method...Investigated..~

    Recently I started playing W3C TFT on Garena since my (friend mike's ) CD-key were banned due to excessive 'dual use'. And that Garena actually keeps records of your gaming stauts. Sometimes, however, in Garena the Host can just drop people from the other team when he is lossing.

    I thought for a while and tried my guess on how it works.

    The way to do it without any tool is fairly simple:

    1. While lossing, just tell people that you will remaking. 2. TURN OFF YOUR WIFI/UNPLUG YOUR ETHENET CABLE. 3. Tab back to the game, wait for 30sec-1min. 4.  Keep pushing...the game is urs!

    This is yea...same policy as other cheating things I made, They are just for entertaining purposes, I am not taking the responsibility of irresponsibility.

    Back to the ideas... So I wonder how do you only kick certain people? Then I realized that Garena just mimicks LAN, so that you can simply Block some users from accessing your computer, simple as that do believe general firewalls can achieve those in Advanced Settings.

    However, if you are a computer noob, there is what i suggest you do: 1. Tell your teammates / friend to stay ~ 2. Then excute the drop method.

    anyhoO~~~..just a simple hack for fun~

    Sinovision Photograph Contest ....with CURL

    Between July 4th to August 4th, the U.S Chinese Community Channel Sinovision is hosting a photograph contest with "Summer" as its theme. My mom entered it. Apparently she has the best picture over there, with a natrual 1000 hits in one day, and was selected as the best picture so far by However, she did not receive the highest hits, because the top five are all cheaters.

    So......As a son, I stood out...taking one minute to change a CURL refreshing code I wrote before and a few minutes to understand the machanism of the site, I realized how easy it is to "hack" it.

    Running 10 CURL scripts from 3 different servers, I had reached my highest speed of 500 hits per minute, and in a fairly fast speed we become #1 within an hour (running time only, because I stopped in the middle a few times).

    This morning, I saw that the second place cheater is catching up...... So I let him catch up.....almost hit my number than I started my scripts again(from only 1 server, 5 instances).

    Result: Score ratio is 12,000: 3,000 The other guy gave up. The site received too much volume and was down.

    Here I apologize to for what I did.

    But the experience is really cool and satisfactory as a programmer and as a son.

    Because it is a hacking script, I will not show it here, just google CURL and think about how it works.

    P.S.  The PHP. CURL library is one of the most useful and powerful extension(mod) for PHP. It uses a lot server resources but delivers very powerful results with its fairly simple APIs provided. As you can see, CURL is a very good hacking tool (for guessing POST/GET and addresses of sites).

    The dark-side of the Western Media(s)

    Back in my memory, it was always the Chinese Government controlled media that lies, for the simple reason that they want to stay in power. I mean, that is totally reasonable since the stability of the country is perseved by such methods. However, the recent XinJiang Riot Incident (US. Uyghur Autonomous Region) made me change my views.

    First of all, I admit that numbers are possibly changed by the government to maintain stability.

    The U.S/European asshole medias, however, were just afraid that more people wouldn't be killed. So they changed the news with funny mistakes.

    1. New York Times: There was a picture with a dude in hostpital that is tagged as a Uyghur.. But nooooo...that is a HAN chinese, he has a Han last name and a Han Face, and..he IS in fact Han.... Good BS skill by NYTimes again...And they refer to it as some Tiananmen Square spirit...IT IS NOT...

    2. CNN: There was also a BS picture tagged as bunch of  Uyghurs got killed by a car and their body is everywhere.. No, that is simply a picture from the May,13 car accident happened in ShenZhen, China. And also an old woman standing in front of a lot Chinese Army. -->which is also BS.

    Not that I support any side because of what happened, I am just very pissed off on how the big media LIES to the public.

    OH YEA....Talking about HUMAN RIGHTS? I don't give a shit to those human rights people, because they cannot do SHIT about it... There are still millions of people starving in China, economy is wayy more important than the western "human rights".

    A girl in my dream

    There was a girl that appeared in my dream yesterday........ She was pretty, cute, and sweet...(yea yea yea...just like the other good dreams...) After all, she becomes my happiness for life, just like in the movies... It is just a dream too good to be true.... Now I'm wondering where she is.... But wait, aren't I in love right now... Should I not even thinking about that ?...I shouldn't. But I cannot stop myself from thinking about her...someone who I haven't met yet... Why did I have such a nice dream that I am not 'supposed' to have?...I wonder. Was it because what She said to me the day before that "I should re-think about our relationship" ?

    Love is magical...and it destroys people...

    Ah....I'm in a state of mind where I cannot control...

    "Stop Thinking"...(about what...)

    Farewell, Engineering Building

    Today is the last day students and faculties can use the engineering building (51 Astor Place, NY 10003). Even though I have only spent one year there, the memories of it is good. It has sufficient space for everyone and good entertainment services as well. In fact, it is where I spend 98% of the time at Cooper....

    Its sad,

    Farewell, 51 Astor Place, the lovely Engineeing Building of The Cooper Union.

    Things to do for summer...

    It's summer again.....but this is a busy one. In fact, a much busier summer comapred to the previous one.

    Why? Because I have more responsibility and wills now.

    Some of things I've been doing so far are as follows:

    • Doing independent study for Data Structure and Algorithm class at Cooper. Although only a 2 (or 4 if I try really hard) credit class, it is an important one if I wish to continune on the programming track for my ECE degree.
    • Working at Cooper Union Computer Center. Doing nothing for $9.5/hr= Happiness.  (quoted from K.T)
    • Finishing up my This is my first independent PHP project. I'm trying really hard on this one, but a lack of experience makes me stuck on making important decisions for the design.
    • Leading Web Porject Group. Finally I've found a group of people (from cooper) to build some awesome websites. Hopefully we will get some real business down and earn some knowledge. As of now..its not working so well~sigh~
    • Of coz, hanging out with friends and families~ G.G.

    Cooper Union's 2nd impression at its student reception.

    Created Friday, 25 April 2008 14:44

    "Everyone seems so happy!" said my dad, "and it looks nothing like you described before."

    Yea, that's right. Most people we saw at the student reception were happy, which gave people really good first impression about the school.

    I must say, also, most people we saw that's not a tour guy/girl were studying. Studying is probably what they do the most. In fact, one of the tour guy was suggesting the freshmen to bring a printer if living at the dorms. Why? Because " you will frequently needed to print out stuff at 5a.m, so you don't want to use the printers in library, which closes at 10 pm (the day before. lolz).

    Despite the fact that they were happy, both the current students and faculties were really nice. They seem harmless. Some people say that's because they are just nerds, but no, they are just pure, and focused.

    Students are competitive, like...really! Two out of 4 of the people I know already from Class 2012 are both the valedictorian of their schools. This year they say its the toughest in Cooper's history, with a overall acceptance rate of 1/12 (8%), which is close, and even lower than those ivy schools. (School of Architecture has only 3.5%!)

    Expenses without tuition is still about $20,000. Living at mid-town Manhattan, this is a fair price. But it didn't take me long to convince my parents to let me live there for the first year, though I doubt I might have to move back to Queens, or even Brooklyn after my freshman year. The surrounding of Cooper is a very lively place: SOHO, Chinatown, City Hall, and lots of attractions and markets are nearby. Since it's at the lower center of Manhattan, going to the other boroughs is also very convinent.

    Overall, Cooper is a competitive, supportive, and nice! (yes, let's use the simple terms)

    Inspired by Carl ...Slowing down ur clock

    Life hacker Verison: Slow Down in a World Built for Speed

    Created Wednesday, 20 August 2008 22:10

    If u think slowing down is bad, watch this video.

    I was very inspired by this video which gave me the very revolutionary idea- Slowing down in a world built for Speed. Author Carl Honore talked about the goodness of slowing down: Slowing down on dating will make relationship go deeper. Slowing down on working will give u time to achieve creativity. Slowing down on solving a problem will let u think more, observe more, and do more, on more aspects of the problem and even make better decisions. Moreover, eating slower- such as enjoying a family meal with the TV shut off, will make ur life quaily much better.

    So, despite the fact that most things are speeding up, such as speed dailing, speed dating, and even speed yoga, are becoming more popular among people in the U.S. Some other countries are slowing down, such as Italy, Norway, Sweednland, etc.. And they are as competitive as the U.S. economically and have the same production while working much less.

    Why? Because taking ur time might result better productivity as well....

    Edion Wang

    [10/17/08] Life In Cooper Intro

    Life:~~~~ Located in the heart of East Villiage, is definately one of the best place to live! Within 5min of walking, you get : Coffee: 3 Starbucks within 2min of walking, which is kinda OD,~ and DDs. Chain-Supermarket: K-mart/Woodsales Chain-Pharmacy stores: 3 DRs, Rite Aid...-  -~too many ..lolz. Office Supplies: Staples, Best Buy (15min walking for this one) Food: 20+Japanese Resturants, Plenty of korean and chinese resturants around; plenty of cheap pizza place, many candle light romatic places, and..yea..we have Gand Sichuan for Hunanese food here! Clothes: Gap, Aldo, Footlocker, etc.. 12min walking to Union Square where they have AEs, BNs, etc...~~ Delivery: USPS, UPS, Fedex all around~~lolz.. Subways:  6(15min to 42nd street for 7, or down to brooklyn bridge passing by China Town,  ), N (Queens Center?) R W Q ~...yea... Schools around: We can use NYU's resources and it is around cooper! CUNY baruch and hunter are very close as well~ Work Load: its really not that much,~idk. ~its being a mystery that people think we get too much work. No, definately managable. However, compare to my fds in other colleges, Cooper is an insane place. ~you really have to work hard to get things done. But you will still have plenty of time to do other things...

    Grading and others: HARSH!..  I remember i got a 94 on my chem test, and only three people got higher than me, was considered to be an B...- - ~kinda too hard isnt it ~......And ..English class is the worst, Cs.....lolz.. Other than that, Teachers are really willing to help. All of them have office hours and you can just come by~ and....yea.....they are very helpful~

    Atomsphere: People with each other! The stable on other's back havnt happen yet~ its a great place with Geniuses around.!