Download without Installing - offers BT Download Online

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So I was at computer center, trying to download some file at mininova, I realized that I can't install BT Clients on school's computer, i figured the following: (Condition: No Chinese Input mechanism, No RAR uncompressor, No Admin Rights, Able to download in a temporary folder) 1. Google search Green Down, with preference language Simplified Chinese. 2. Download WinRar 3. Download Green Xunlei. 4. Download the Bittorrent File. -- -If blocked, use the proxy site, but very inefficient most of the times, since most proxies does not allow the user to directly downloading files. Result, 2MB/s speed `lolz.........dl finished within 30s~lolz..

Later in the day, becuase my programming language class was cancelled, i figured to dl again, but this time, i realize that all my previous work are gone since everything i did was temperoary,

But then I found this site: It is extemely easy to use: Open the website, put in the address for your torrent, and choose a destination, that's it! The site will open a java applet and start downloading your file.

This should work for most internet-cafes and school computers since they proberly have not blocked the ports.


Edison Wang@CU computer center.