It may be time to renew life goals

Going into year 24 of my life and year 2 at Vine, I feel like I still have not figured out the goals of my life year. It's time to start thinking what do I really want. 

I always thought I knew what I wanted, but really I just got lucky and was able to follow the regular life track smoothly. 

There are just so many answers that I owe myself going forward: what do I really want in a few years? Am I happy just being a programmer? Do I want to be a manager or do I just want to be a hard core engineer that's heads down? Do I want to start my own company? ...What's the mission statement of my life? Or do I even need one? being happy enough? and what's the purpose of life?

I don't remember the last time I thought about any of the above questions, but I still remember when I was applying for college, I didn't know what I wanted, but I had to think about some of those questions when my major and schools. My family was pretty poor so at that time my goal was "make a good living on something I really love". I was super interested in video games and I was relatively good at math and science, so I applied to all the electrical engineering programs because I saw on one of those college guide books that EE graduates make one of the highest starting salaries (it was around 40k-50k I believe) and I may be working on video card prototypes. I was lucky to get into the Cooper's EE program, one of the best in the country and it is free to attend, so I went with it.

Only had I went through 2 years of Cooper did realize that I am much more interested in software rather than hardware. Designing circuit boards was fine, but writing code was much more interesting to me. Because software jobs were doing pretty well those days (and now), and it fit with my original dream of "make a good living on something I really love", it didn't take me much to decide that I want to do software, and I didn't have to think about any of the questions listed earlier. 

Fast forward another 4 years, now I make a decent living on what I really love, what's next? 

A lot has happened in the last 4 years, both good and bad..

I worked at many different companies (Tidal Labs, Intuit, Samsung, Squarespace, Twitter), enjoyed each one of them, and even tried to start my own company (SleepBot). I was both founder and employee, mentor and student during same periods.

I fell in love, probably with the love of my life, and moved in with her and got a dog. I met some of the brightest people in college and work and kept contact with them as close friends. And I lost contact with many friends from high school and middle school. 

I gained many technical skills, but I don't think I have got more mature. 

I gained some ambition, but I lost some empathy towards some things that I once had.

I gained lots of weight and lost some vision. 

I have everything I wanted before now...should I just be happy?

This is all because I am still abiding to the old mission statement that I had before college, it is time to renew it before I lose sight and just become one of them.