Motorola Atrix 4G - Easiest WebTop Hack.

Got some time to play with my Atrix today while trying to study for stochastics.....

anyways...Many of you have probably got the Atrix phone but got scared away by the price tag on the laptop dock. Here's how you may still use your dual-core phone to run Firefox on your HDTV. Please note I am NOT responsible for any damage that will be done to your phone. :)

Requirements: 1. Atrix Rooted. (Google it. There's already a one click root online) 2. A monitor or TV that has HDMI connectivity. 3. Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse set.


1. Download a Terminal Emulator (Such as this free one: 2. Type: "su" and Enter. (Click Allow when Super User alerts you) 3. Type: "/osh/usr/local/bin/webtop-restart" and Enter.

Then you should see Webtop booting up with Firefox open. :)