School Started Part I

The beach house vacation finally marked  the end of summer. School started yesterday the 8th. Everyone seems to enjoy the New Academic Building, so do I. Even though I worked there over the summer, but it feels much different with a lot people in it. Classrooms are also not as small as they described before summer, they are actually really nice!

Oh wells, the first day I only had one class---physics recitation with Professor Wolf, the hardest class I took last semester. I don't really know why physics seems so hard last semester (lazzzzzyness prob? ), but this semester definitely seem much harder than I can handle with last semester's method----work harder, and don't sleep in every single semester (yes, for the record, I did sleep in EVERY SINGLE MECHANICS LECTURE and EVERY SECOND HOUR of MECHANICS RECITATION). Also, for the record, I did fall asleep today during the 2nd hour of E&M recitation (ah.. :mrgreen: ) Without a girlfriend, maybe I can use those free time to study better..

Alright, time to sleep, morning classes tomorrow......