School Starts II (week 2 of 14?)

The first week of school just passed away. As expected, a few things happened: 1. I noticed that I got so lazy over the summer that I keep making myself away from reading assignments. 2. I have too many similar classes even though I am an engineering major, esp. the following six classes Probability (math) Differential Equations (math) Vector Calculus (math) Circuit Analysis (physics) Physics II E&M (physics) Physics Lab I? (physics) and a few other requirements such as English and computer engineering track elective. 3. I'm somehow getting back with my ex? Would it be possible? Do I want to? I keep telling my friends that it will not work, and it has not work, but why am I still thinking about it? We are still good friends, maybe I am treating her too well. Putting the thoughts here, I really wanna make sure that we do not get back together.. Maybe, I just need a new girlfriend,, I'm serious. 4. I sleep too late recently with Dota/Google's Monopoly City streets/Sanguo Sha strategy broad game, etc.. not because of school. 5. I have too many unfinished business: and a few other websites and a few other programs I was writing. 6. It is so late now, I should go to sleep.

Night, and 'add oil' to myself.