Sinovision Photograph Contest ....with CURL

Between July 4th to August 4th, the U.S Chinese Community Channel Sinovision is hosting a photograph contest with "Summer" as its theme. My mom entered it. Apparently she has the best picture over there, with a natrual 1000 hits in one day, and was selected as the best picture so far by However, she did not receive the highest hits, because the top five are all cheaters.

So......As a son, I stood out...taking one minute to change a CURL refreshing code I wrote before and a few minutes to understand the machanism of the site, I realized how easy it is to "hack" it.

Running 10 CURL scripts from 3 different servers, I had reached my highest speed of 500 hits per minute, and in a fairly fast speed we become #1 within an hour (running time only, because I stopped in the middle a few times).

This morning, I saw that the second place cheater is catching up...... So I let him catch up.....almost hit my number than I started my scripts again(from only 1 server, 5 instances).

Result: Score ratio is 12,000: 3,000 The other guy gave up. The site received too much volume and was down.

Here I apologize to for what I did.

But the experience is really cool and satisfactory as a programmer and as a son.

Because it is a hacking script, I will not show it here, just google CURL and think about how it works.

P.S.  The PHP. CURL library is one of the most useful and powerful extension(mod) for PHP. It uses a lot server resources but delivers very powerful results with its fairly simple APIs provided. As you can see, CURL is a very good hacking tool (for guessing POST/GET and addresses of sites).