A change I made to my screen to increase productivity


1. Running Windows 7 and no other dock/software lunching bars. 2. A huge wide-screen monitor. (21"+)

Steps: 1. Move the taskbar to the right-side and dock your most frequently used softwares there.

Benefits over on the bottom: 1. The icons are relatively horizontal at your eye sight so you don't have to look down. 2a. More practical viewing spaces for programs/web pages.  --For the non-taskbar space. This is because of the ratio adjustment will just make things look nicer. 2b. For the taskbar itself, the icons seem bigger and nicer and aero boxes appears on the right seem to be nicer/more logical.

Time to do it: 1. 1 second.

Download without Installing - BitLet.org offers BT Download Online

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So I was at computer center, trying to download some file at mininova, I realized that I can't install BT Clients on school's computer, i figured the following: (Condition: No Chinese Input mechanism, No RAR uncompressor, No Admin Rights, Able to download in a temporary folder) 1. Google search Green Down, with preference language Simplified Chinese. 2. Download WinRar 3. Download Green Xunlei. 4. Download the Bittorrent File. -- -If blocked, use the proxy site, but very inefficient most of the times, since most proxies does not allow the user to directly downloading files. Result, 2MB/s speed `lolz.........dl finished within 30s~lolz..

Later in the day, becuase my programming language class was cancelled, i figured to dl again, but this time, i realize that all my previous work are gone since everything i did was temperoary,

But then I found this site: It is extemely easy to use: Open the website, put in the address for your torrent, and choose a destination, that's it! The site will open a java applet and start downloading your file.

This should work for most internet-cafes and school computers since they proberly have not blocked the ports.


Edison Wang@CU computer center.

Inspired by Carl ...Slowing down ur clock

Life hacker Verison: Slow Down in a World Built for Speed

Created Wednesday, 20 August 2008 22:10

If u think slowing down is bad, watch this video.

I was very inspired by this video which gave me the very revolutionary idea- Slowing down in a world built for Speed. Author Carl Honore talked about the goodness of slowing down: Slowing down on dating will make relationship go deeper. Slowing down on working will give u time to achieve creativity. Slowing down on solving a problem will let u think more, observe more, and do more, on more aspects of the problem and even make better decisions. Moreover, eating slower- such as enjoying a family meal with the TV shut off, will make ur life quaily much better.

So, despite the fact that most things are speeding up, such as speed dailing, speed dating, and even speed yoga, are becoming more popular among people in the U.S. Some other countries are slowing down, such as Italy, Norway, Sweednland, etc.. And they are as competitive as the U.S. economically and have the same production while working much less.

Why? Because taking ur time might result better productivity as well....

Edion Wang