The dark-side of the Western Media(s)

Back in my memory, it was always the Chinese Government controlled media that lies, for the simple reason that they want to stay in power. I mean, that is totally reasonable since the stability of the country is perseved by such methods. However, the recent XinJiang Riot Incident (US. Uyghur Autonomous Region) made me change my views.

First of all, I admit that numbers are possibly changed by the government to maintain stability.

The U.S/European asshole medias, however, were just afraid that more people wouldn't be killed. So they changed the news with funny mistakes.

1. New York Times: There was a picture with a dude in hostpital that is tagged as a Uyghur.. But nooooo...that is a HAN chinese, he has a Han last name and a Han Face, and..he IS in fact Han.... Good BS skill by NYTimes again...And they refer to it as some Tiananmen Square spirit...IT IS NOT...

2. CNN: There was also a BS picture tagged as bunch of  Uyghurs got killed by a car and their body is everywhere.. No, that is simply a picture from the May,13 car accident happened in ShenZhen, China. And also an old woman standing in front of a lot Chinese Army. -->which is also BS.

Not that I support any side because of what happened, I am just very pissed off on how the big media LIES to the public.

OH YEA....Talking about HUMAN RIGHTS? I don't give a shit to those human rights people, because they cannot do SHIT about it... There are still millions of people starving in China, economy is wayy more important than the western "human rights".