Week 4 of School

Week four of school was nice. Why? Because it is the calm before the storm. Monday, we did the first physics lab, which took Kevin and I a really long time to finish it due to the lighting in the room. The results, as I progress through the report during the weekend, are really bad. The sample was to distinguish 3 different liquids with index of refraction uncertainty within 0.0001, our data came out to be +-0.1, so there is NO WAY that this report can go any further. Then there was the connect workshop, which was surprisingly nice! There was a lot acting and fun in it. The three hour workshop was one of the nicest moments I had in cooper. Well, the down side is that it made me so tired, such that I just went to sleep after I got home.

And, as usual, I cannot do the physics quiz and the history quiz, just didn't prepare for it due to Monday's tiredness.

Um........then...it comes FRIDAY! AC GEAR'S GRAND OPENING!

Jeffery, Ray, Igor and I went there to see if we can get something......the unfaithful Ray and Igor left after an hour. Not long after they left, Jeffery got a free watch! How nice was that...so I believed that I can get something as well! During my faithful waiting there, I met this girl named Jane, who did attract me on first sight by her openness. And what surprised me was that such a nice girl is actually a NYU Stern student ( you know how it is, usually it is very hard to meet a smart and pretty girl randomly). We chatted, and it was nice...She is a very nice conversationalist. At approx. 9:10 AC Gears announced that they will now give out the last price. I think there is almost no chance that it could be me since there are still about 50 people there with at least 100 tickets! So I said to her, " you know what, I give up,I think it's over, but I think the most valuable thing that happened is that we meet each other." Indeed, the fact that meeting a new nice friend is far more important than winning a $100-ish gift. Well, that's not all, after we said good luck to each other.........the ticket number was announced...and ....IT WAS ME!..that was..holy~~~Yea, I believe you were my good luck that day. Thank you Jane~And thank you Jeffery, for waiting there faithfully.

Ok, enough of the positive stuff, the weekend was as bad as it can get. Chang went to SBU to meet with Jing, and a lot things happened to Jing. I feel bad for Jing, and angry about that dude, whom I won't say here. What can I say to Jing.....you girls are too gullible, seriously. Some guy giving you something that you think is very touchy does not mean that he doesn't treat other girls that way, right? If he really likes you, he will not treat you right, he will not just say the right things, instead, he will use his heart to prove to you. (too 38, let me stop here..-.-)~~anyways, good luck Jing, I wish you the best with Kevin D, don't get fooled by jerks.

And what else happened...I decided not to participate in the 2009 ACM programming contest, because of a very simple reason: Lab+DFQ test+PHYSICS test are concurrent at the day after! Sorry to myself.