Why? Is this necessary?

Created Monday, 14 April 2008 16:23

So, Why did I make this website?

The story goes back to my birthday (Mar 17), when I wanted to do something special for myself. So I searched the domains and find EdisonWang.Com actually available. Thinking that I still have Skyvsky to manage, I gave up my thought, until last week, Skyvskywas shut down due to my unpaid payment (credit card expired). Yesterday, April 13, I finally decided to buy this domain. After 4 hours of working, I finished its structures using the powerful Joomla!. It allows me to put lots and lots of extensions to my site and having a very complicated CMS.

Anyways, to keep everything simple, I think the site will be divided into a few parts, with the following two as main sites. 1. Www.EdisonWang.Com:  Blog, News, Resume Posting, and Links. 2. Friend.EdisonWang.Com: Site to share temporary files with friends. 3. Wiki.EdisonWang.com: My wikipedia site for school work. Even though addressed in my previous article, I still want to clarify my purpose of making this site: Social, Entertainment, Blogging, Advertising, and learning web development with this lively example.