I am in the process of building a robot that will carry your Android phone and allow network control.

  • Robot Base: Vex Robotics. It's a no brainer for us programmers. Everything was designed to fit nicely and put together without any additional tools. This will provide the chassis, wheels, motors, etc.\
  • Micro-controller: Arduino ADK compatible board(e.g. Mega 2560 + USB Shield). The micro-controller will be used to control the motors and receive information from the Brain.
  • Brain: Android Phone/Raspberry Pi running Android and working sensors. This will be the brain that process the inputs from the web. The brain will include an autonomous mode.
  • Remote Control: a server keeps track of robots that are online and deliver information to connected clients.
  • Direct Control: an Android app that sits on the Android phone to receive commands or perform manual controls.
  • Sensors: in addition to the sensors on the phone (e.g. GPS), there may be ultra sonic sensors, bumpers, etc. for autonomous movements.

Basic functions:

  • Deliver movement instructions.
  • Start camera on the phone and take a picture of the surrounding. (360 Photosphere?)
  • Video conference.
  • Use OpenCV to find certain objects.
  • Movement tracking.
  • Voice command.
  • Remote Locking.
  • Environment feedback.
  • Maybe add a USB rocket launcher? :) ....Move around to find a face, lure it into a hit zone, and then launch a rocket that is set somewhere else. (Inspired by my battlefield 3 gadgets)