In short, you can view a list of all of my mobile projects that are on the market on TapFame.

2017 Projects: 

  1. Snapchat Map.

2016 Projects: 

  1. Spiral for iOS.
  2. Spiral for Apple TV.
  3. Spiral for Android.

2015 Projects: 

  1. Vine for Android 3.0 (Smart background fetching, loops). 
  2. Custom Player for Vine for Android (Defensive Patent Pending).
  3. Blink for Android (Architect) 

2014 Projects:

  1. Vine for Android 2.0 (Video Messaging).
  2. Vine for Android 2.5 (Camera Tools, Import).

2013 Projects: 

  1. Endroid (Arduino + Android + Vex robot).
  2. Vine for Android.  (everything related to video playback and capturing, widget, etc.)
  3. SleepBot Web Platform

2012 Projects:

  1. Web as a Shell. (Open source)
  2. Affordable Computer Brain Interface. (Cooper Senior Project)
  3. Squarespace Projects:  Squarespace for Android; Squarespace for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

2011 Projects:

  1. Call Home Android (Indorse Technologies)
  2. A group payment split service.Techcrunch Hackathon. (PHP/MYSQL/JS) 
  3. Socialinkd Android.
  4. SMS QuickBooks. (Node.js/Mongodb, Intuit)

2010 Projects:

  1. Sleepbot for Android.
  2. PHP library simplifying pChart, and using YoutTube APIs. (Tidal Labs)
  3. Data aggregation from Twitter users. (Tidal Labs)

Past Web Projects:

  1. ---Bookmark System.
  2. Call-Home Application. (Indorse Technologies)
  3. Site.
  4. Hacks. (Now they fixed the bugs a while ago)
  5.   --- a photo sharing app in PHP that simply scans a folder and presents them.

Cooper Projects on coding (2009-2011):

  1. Digital Logic Design projects...a few of them...
  2. Lots of MATLAB projects for signal processing class and Mathematica.
  3. C++ Airline Single Computer Customer Management program.
  4. C++ Implementation for various data structure and algorithms.
  5. C++ Sorting Algorithm contest #2.
  6. Simple games in assembly (MIPS).
  7. Implemented scheduler and various Linux components (C).
  8. Hadoop Image Search Engine.(Java)
  9. Facebook Multiplayer Set Game implemented in Java with friends/profile and performance metrics (PHP/JS/MYSQL).