Google's double standard pisses me off. NO POLITCS

During the past few days, the biggest news that hit the online world was the news on Google's withdrawing from China mainland.

To me, this is simply a retarded tragedy thanks to the useless politicians. Yes, I think politicians are the MOST useless people

Well, ok, media were also part of this. (e.g. a very biased NY Times article I've seen)

Let's get it straight: Google is a U.S. based commercial company.

By that I think there are certain rules you have to follow no matter where you are: 1. Follow local rules. Does Google obey Patriot Act? I don't really think it's possible for Google to not follow that rule. If Google FBI information all the time (this is just an assumption, but it is highly possible), why shouldn't Google follow the Laws in China?

2.Your goal is to make money, losing a huge market like China is highly unreasonable for the reasons it gave. It is an action made by politicians, not businessmen. Google has suggested that the Chinese hackers were sponsored by the Chinese government. A company that operates in one country would NEVER have the courage to accuse its local government for such crime. It has to be backed up by something, something stronger that supports it. We all know how big the Chinese market is. Even though it only constitutes a small fraction of its revenue, we all know that Google is going into the cellphone market now. Its stupidity could possibly result in the government blocking all the Andorid based phones (btw, Apple and Microsoft must be very happy).

3. All the media attentions.

What is possibly a goal for the U.S. government to make such acts?

1. It doesn't have to pay. Google is paying the price.

2. China and U.S relation has reached a low point in history after Bush's administration.

3. Look at all the media attentions. All the news sites are citing about the censorship fact (ok, let's get straight on this point again, a country needs stability, the government is oppressing different groups of people that wants to make riots by censoring sites such as Twitter, which can possibly make a huge impact on politics. and By the way, who knows if Twitter is not censored by the U.S. government? There's just no media reports about it? Oh wait, maybe it's the same concept as in China?). On the other hand, all the financial sites are talking about how stupid Google is.

But is google a company or is it a humanity organization? I feel your pain, Eric.