This is why Flash should not get on mobile too soon

Today I was watching Saturday Night Live on And the laptop I was using got a blue screen due to overheating. So I monitored the temperature:

[caption id="attachment_146" align="alignnone" width="408" caption="GPU: 85 degrees, Both cores of my CPU > 75 on a T9400+Nvidia 9600M"]GPU: 85 degrees, Both cores of my CPU > 75[/caption]

Normally, this laptop operates with GPU around 60 degrees and CPUs around 50 degrees. When playing low-res videos and local media files. Flash is simply inefficient. I can't imagine the amount of batteries that it will be draining with current algorithms. It will simply kill the battery life.

Update: The CPU and GPU temperature both reached 90 something degrees, and the laptop rebooted shortly after that.