Cooper Union's 2nd impression at its student reception.

Created Friday, 25 April 2008 14:44

"Everyone seems so happy!" said my dad, "and it looks nothing like you described before."

Yea, that's right. Most people we saw at the student reception were happy, which gave people really good first impression about the school.

I must say, also, most people we saw that's not a tour guy/girl were studying. Studying is probably what they do the most. In fact, one of the tour guy was suggesting the freshmen to bring a printer if living at the dorms. Why? Because " you will frequently needed to print out stuff at 5a.m, so you don't want to use the printers in library, which closes at 10 pm (the day before. lolz).

Despite the fact that they were happy, both the current students and faculties were really nice. They seem harmless. Some people say that's because they are just nerds, but no, they are just pure, and focused.

Students are competitive, like...really! Two out of 4 of the people I know already from Class 2012 are both the valedictorian of their schools. This year they say its the toughest in Cooper's history, with a overall acceptance rate of 1/12 (8%), which is close, and even lower than those ivy schools. (School of Architecture has only 3.5%!)

Expenses without tuition is still about $20,000. Living at mid-town Manhattan, this is a fair price. But it didn't take me long to convince my parents to let me live there for the first year, though I doubt I might have to move back to Queens, or even Brooklyn after my freshman year. The surrounding of Cooper is a very lively place: SOHO, Chinatown, City Hall, and lots of attractions and markets are nearby. Since it's at the lower center of Manhattan, going to the other boroughs is also very convinent.

Overall, Cooper is a competitive, supportive, and nice! (yes, let's use the simple terms)