Garena Host Drop Method...Investigated..~

Recently I started playing W3C TFT on Garena since my (friend mike's ) CD-key were banned due to excessive 'dual use'. And that Garena actually keeps records of your gaming stauts. Sometimes, however, in Garena the Host can just drop people from the other team when he is lossing.

I thought for a while and tried my guess on how it works.

The way to do it without any tool is fairly simple:

1. While lossing, just tell people that you will remaking. 2. TURN OFF YOUR WIFI/UNPLUG YOUR ETHENET CABLE. 3. Tab back to the game, wait for 30sec-1min. 4.  Keep pushing...the game is urs!

This is yea...same policy as other cheating things I made, They are just for entertaining purposes, I am not taking the responsibility of irresponsibility.

Back to the ideas... So I wonder how do you only kick certain people? Then I realized that Garena just mimicks LAN, so that you can simply Block some users from accessing your computer, simple as that do believe general firewalls can achieve those in Advanced Settings.

However, if you are a computer noob, there is what i suggest you do: 1. Tell your teammates / friend to stay ~ 2. Then excute the drop method.

anyhoO~~~..just a simple hack for fun~